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Guess who just switched to an Android phone

According to the most recent statistics, Windows-powered phones managed to round up only 0.3 percent of the market, and among that minuscule number of people was, of course, Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft. However, in an interview with Fox News, Bill Gates revealed that this is no longer the case: he has officially ditched his Windows phone in favor of an Android-powered smartphone. While he never specified which Android phone he was using as a personal device, he did add that it has “a lot of Microsoft software.”

In some ways, Bill Gates’ decision to go with an Android phone makes a lot of sense. After all, Microsoft’s very own Windows Mobile OS never caught on, mostly due to its counterintuitive UI and lack of dev support, and after the Lumia 950, the company seemed to have given up altogether. That probably left Bill Gates with two options: iOS or Android. While both Apple and Google are Microsoft’s direct competitors, the feud between Apple and Microsoft goes way back. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs may have been friends, but the ongoing battle between PC vs. Mac is just one of the reasons why it might have been particularly awkward for Gates to use an iPhone.

Android is a slightly different story, however. While it is Google’s mobile OS, it’s used and modified by hardware partners without any charge, so unless he’s using a Pixel, it’s not such an apparent conflict of interest. It also offers a level of flexibility and customization that’s simply not available on Apple’s devices, which is one of the reasons why tech enthusiasts tend to stick with Android phones.