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Our solutions have been engineered around the needs of businesses who require enterprise-grade Internet connectivity. When you choose Horizon, you choose to effortlessly power the real-time services upon which your business may rely – services such as cloud computing, streaming media, video conferencing, interactive applications and VoIP. Our commercially focused service deliver high capacity Internet and private network connections.

At Horizon, we provide unparalleled reliability supported by an industry-leading service level agreement – for complete peace of mind that what we promise we deliver, consistently.

We understand that your organisation has a unique set of needs and requirements which is why our broadband service offers tailored bandwidth and price packages built around you, and your business.

At Horizon we lead the way with installation timescales – delivering our service and connecting our clients faster than any other provider in the industry. When you become a Horizon client, you choose to eliminate the long installation wait that you might otherwise face. In some circumstances we can have your service up and running within as little as a single day.

Bandwidth allocation – when and where you need it

This is ISP provision on an all-together smarter scale

We deliver a consistent user experience for every member of your company through smarter bandwidth allocation, tailored to you, customised to your users.

Prioritizing network traffic and key business applications, such as voice and video services

Mitigating spikes in usage by dedicating bandwidth

Providing flexibility to upgrade your line as your business grows

Delivering proactive monitoring, 24/7

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A completely customised Internet access solution

Delivering fast, efficient and seamless access implemented by expert technicians, our technical consultants will help you determine the ideal ISP solution for your business by considering:

Specific technical requirements (network redundancy/diversity, particular protocols, etc.)

If there is a need to securely connect multiple locations

Whether your employees need secure, remote access to network assets

If you require a managed internet service

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Realise the potential of your business

Your domestic locations will be connected to the global market with ease through a robust, reliable and flexible world-wide IP network that:

Keeps your organisation in touch with your markets and partners around the world

Provides you with exceptional Service Level Agreements

Puts you in control of the technology making it an asset rather than a liability

Scales as required, with multiple plan options to help simplify billing

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