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Service packages for every organisation size

We appreciate just how varied the needs are of our clients – and much of this is dependent upon the size of the organisation that we serve. For this reason we’ve crafted the following packages that fit around each level of business: from the SME with 10 employees or fewer, to the medium sized corporation with staffing levels above this, and for the enterprise that may employ thousands of workers at any one time.

For the SME – We offer fast, efficient scalability

For all too many SME companies the issue of reliable internet connections can be enough to stunt growth and damage credibility, either of which is sufficient to cause serious issues within the business. When you choose Horizon, you choose an IT solution that can grow as you do, upgrading your service, your bandwidth and addressing any specific technical requirements that may emerge as your company develops.

This achieves a balance between a service cost that is suited to an SME’s finances, and the capability of an SME’s network. What’s more we understand that the average SME may have few technically minded members of staff – in which case we reassure you of jargon free conversations and service level agreements that are written in easy to understand language. This no-nonsense approach is coupled with the peace of mind that you have a dedicated IT support team available when you need us, whatever you need us for.

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For the Medium sized corporation – We offer complete flexibility

The breadth of what may deemed a ‘medium sized company’ is expansive; you may fall into this bracket as you have 11 employees, or you may fall just short because your turnover is slightly below the minimum required.

Unfortunately, many ISP providers offer a standard service for these companies, with each end of the size spectrum being either oversold, or provided with services, speeds and reliability that isn’t up to the job. For this key business group we offer complete flexibly, with tailored packages that include the things that you need, and capabilities that match your corporation and ambition.

We understand that many medium sized companies employ their own IT team and our aim is to be a seamless part of this group – supporting and delivering the very best solutions to enable your business to move forward.

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For Enterprises – We offer unparalleled performance, support and security

As an enterprise the demands that you place upon your ISP are significant – with what can be hundreds or even thousands of employees to house, yours is a business with the most rigorous set of performance requirements. You will also likely require the most robust security, as you serve as an attractive proposition for cybercriminals, and will undoubtedly need unparalleled capacity and support. With industry leading technology, ours is a service that can be placed under the most intense pressure – ensuring that each and every business process and task is supported come what may. We also employ some of the most vigorous of security technologies in the world – implemented by security experts who protect your business through a multi-layered approach.

For enterprises, there are few who can come close to our capabilities, and there are none who match our level of service or support.

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